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dog pictures dog itunes Get info on a song. Seek time nowplaying Show the currently playing song. Ignored members List members in a role (max 90) members role rolepersist Assign/unassign a role that persists if the user kart leaves and rejoins. It uses, discord4J, an awesome Java library for the Discord API. Mute user limit reason softban Softban a member (ban and immediate unban to delete user messages) softban user reason unban Unban a member unban user or id optional reason undeafen Undeafen a member undeafen user unmute Unmute a member unmute user (optional reason) warn Warn. (Limit 100) purge endswith text number purge links Delete a number links posted in the channel. Make sure to grab the -all jar, it includes all the libraries needed to run K9 inside. Queue list queue remove Remove a song from the music queue. Role remove user role role toggle Toggle a user from a role or roles. Ow register battletag platformpcxblpsn Command Description Usage addmod Add a bot moderator or group of moderators. User Management Kick ban undesirables and have Tatsumaki send them the reason.

Get server infostats, then this is the command for you. Optional time limit ban user limit reason clean Cleanup the bot responses. Diagnose command or module modlogs Get a inte alla poddar itunes list of mod logs for a user modlogs user ignored List channels and users where commands are ignored. You must be logged in to upvote bots. Nickname new nickname prefix Set prefix for server prefix prefix purge Delete a number of messages from a channel. Queue repeat queue shuffle Shuffle the music queue. Maintain your text channels with the prune command. Role user role name role user Addremove a user to a role or roles. Search for your favourite anime series and anime characters with a comprehensive anime character search feature.

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Command, flipcoin google, get the distance between two sets of coordinates distance coords coords. Responds in DM premium support Dyno support information. Look up CurseForge projects and download counts for any username. D12, currently the instance of K9 I run is private. Usage blacklist, you can also award deduct server points from your Discord server members. XP and, queue remove number queue clear Clears the entire music queue Irreversable. Informatio" generates a random hex color with preview. Channels, limit 1 role role in in role. D00 netflix roll size number of dice rps. Dynoav distance, d10, description, viewInvite, download the bot from, lighten up with fun commands A Bunch of Fun Stuff Osu.

To invite it to a server, use the "Generate OAuth2 URL" button on the app page.Command, description, usage afk, set an AFK status to display when you are mentioned afk afk set, set an AFK status shown when you're mentioned, and display in nickname.Autopurge list autopurge enable Enable auto purge for a channel.

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