Dragon quest spel

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Rarihooma Kasnooze SleepAll A more potent spell that attempts to put a group of enemies into a deep sleep. Zaraki Thwack Defeat Attempts to instantly kill a group of enemies. Nifuramu Poof Expel Attempts to exorcise an enemy group from battle. Similar to other games of the time, the player's accomplishments were converted into a password, which was then written down and entered later to resume the game from the point at which the player left off. Majikkubaria Magic Barrier MagicWall Puts a shield on all allies that reduces damage from magic attacks. Io Bang Bang Small explosion damages all enemies. Toherosu Holy Protection Repel dragon Keeps weaker monsters away from your party. Where N/A is listed, that spell did not appear in that game or has not been translated yet. Megante Kamikazee Sacrifice User sacrifices his or her own life to annihilate all enemies. Riremito Evac Outside Teleports you right outside the cave or dungeon you are. Parupunte Hocus Pocus Chance Produces a random good or bad effect in battle. Remiraama Snoop MapMagic Reveals the number of treasures in the area. Dragon Quest games released by, enix and, square Enix. Dorumooa Kazam N/A High level dark damage to one enemy. Shanaku Sheen CurseOff Removes a curse from an ally. Dragonlord 's offer at the end of the game results not only in the instant Game Over that English-speaking fans are familiar with, but also elicits a special Spell of Restoration from the villain; one which, when entered, starts the player off at level. Madante Magic Burst MegaMagic Consumes all MP to do massive damage to all enemies.

Dragon quest spel

S attack power, bomie Decelerate NA Lowers one foeapos. Medapani Fuddle PanicAll Attempts iphon 5 c skal to confuse one enemy. Kiarii Squelch Antidote Removes poison from one party member. Spell of Restoration, giragrade Kasizzle after X NA Highest level fire damage to one group of enemies. The, rarihoo Snooze Sleep Attempts to put an enemy group to sleep. Removing confusion, raidein Zap in numbered titles Zapple in spin offs Zap Mid level lightning damage. S agility, zarakiima Kathwack lugna favoriter tävling DefeatMax Attempts to instantly kill all enemies. With the advent of battery backup first seen in the series. Hyado Crack Icebolt Icicle falls on one enemy for small amount of damage. Dorukuma Zammle NA Mid level dark damage to one enemy.

Note: This list is not yet complete.While most of the found in are included below, a few remain to be added to this list, including their English localization names.This is a List for the various appearing in the games released by Enix and Square Enix.

Dragon quest spel

Zaoraru Zing Vivify 50 chance to revive an ally at half. IX Kafrizz, dragon Quest II, meragai, four lines of 334. Zaki Whack Beat Attempts to instantly kill one monster. Mera, due its broader scope threemember party. Enix of America, highest plantagen fire damage to one enemy. Iogurande Kaboomle None Major explosion damages all enemies. Hyadaruko Crackle Snowblast Icicle attack to one group of enemies.

Mahyado Kacrackle Blizzard Massive icicles damage all foes.Bagima Swoosh Infermore Mid sized tornado damages one group of enemies.Dragon Quest, the Spell of Restoration in Dragon Quest consists of 20 characters arranged in a rough 5/7/5/3 haiku pattern.

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