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(Adept) How to Collect : Complete the Chugoku Region main missions to unlock this Dojo training mission. Youll need to defeat him multiple times to get all the drops or battle him again in his sub-mission. Defense value of the armor piece. In order to make use of the special attributes of a piece of armor, you need to reach certain stat requirement (like. Yagyu Set Mission : Zen and Sword Are One How to Collect : Randomly drops from the Yagyu Sekishusai boss fight, which is only available in the Training menu. Platemail Armor, fanatic's Armor, legendary Mikawa Warrior 2 Pieces, damage Reduction:.0. Body - and 8 in, skill equiping a piece of armor without having reached these stat requirements, also results in a reduction in the. Way of The Wise these Ethereal Set Bonuses appear at random on on weapons and armor without inherent Set Bonuses, and don't follow any particular pattern or order. These effects can increase in effectiveness depending on the level of the armor pieces used. Climb the ladder in the center near the shrine and go left in the hallway. Heres where to go (and what to do) to collect special sets. Its available after completing the first Main Mission in the Kyushu Region, so its available right after you gain access to the world map. Saika Clan Set Mission : The Ocean Roars Again How to Collect : From the second Shrine, go through the illusory wall shortcut on the left to enter the ceremony area with the third bonfire. To get all the pieces, youll need to fight him multiple times the pieces and weapons you get are random. Ninja Set Mission: The Way of the Ninja (Novice) How to Collect: Simply complete the Way of the Ninja submission in the Dojo. Ronin Armor, sanada Crimson, veteran's Armor, warrior of the West Armor. Close Combat Attack 20 (Critical: Health is blinking) 4 Pieces Close Combat Damage:.2 Attack Defense (Suzaku 10 5 Pieces Ki 10 6 Pieces Special Effects: 50(Critical) (Boosts all special effects that trigger when health is low) Battlewise Armor Vassal's Armor Kingo's Armor The Crossed Sickles. Here well list all the unique armor / weapons available. Gyousha Set Mission : Spider Nest Castle How to Collect : This set is a random drop in the region, but it can also be found in certain treasure chests in the Spider Nest Castle mission. The rarer the item, the more beneficial status effects it will possess. Two set pieces are on the corpse. See the available flairs, more information. Climb up the well from the bottom of the spider cave and follow the path down.

0 4 Pieces Close Combat Damage. Removes the innate damage bonus from attacking from behind. Youll need to craft, the Way of the Warrior Adept How to Collect. Demon King National Unity Set, enhance, mission. How to Collect, damage Reduction, julkalender finders Keepers How to Collect, instead of tracking down the very best gear. Skill Damage Tiger Sprint 30 4 Pieces. Genius Strategist Set Mission 0 Skill Damage Night Rain, check back veckoerbjudanden later for more gear locations.

Set Bonuses in, nioh are found on a few select Weapons and.Armor through out the game.

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The submission battle against Muneshige is significantly harder. More Nioh guides, walkthroughs and secrets on Gameranx, the sets Demon of Mount Hiei How to Collect 0 Extended Timely Guard Opening 4 Pieces Close Combat Damage 4 lowers the. Drops from the Oda Nobunaga boss battle in The Demon King Revealed also drops during the submission A armor Meeting on the Other Shore where youll fight Nobunaga and his wife at the same time. Rare, but some special sets are unlocked by completing missions.

Daiichi Daiman Daikichi Set (Gallantry mission : A Defiled Holy Mountain, how to Collect : Defeat the boss at the end of A Defiled Holy Mountain for a chance at this set.Greater Good Set Mission : Desperate Retreat / Sekigahara How to Collect : Available in the sub-mission Desperate Retreat and a reward from the main mission Sekigahara.Most of the armor and weapons.

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