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the view from the top is more than amazing. Skala Sotiros Beach : This resort is located about 3km away from Skala Prinou, on the western coast protein choklad mjölk ica of Thassos. It was built on the slopes of Mountain Hypsarion and offers a panoramic view. The village is buried in deep woodland and has a very old and famous ica maxi fodrade stövlar church, which gave its name to the settlement. Thassos was liberated and reunited with the rest of Greece in 1912. Town or Limis is the islands main town and port.

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Thassos was colonized at an early date by Phoenicians. Visitors may find remnants of map the altar of Theogenis. Pefkari, the temperature rises in April, after a short period. The houses of the village have been built close to each other and are fine examples of traditional architecture such as their particular balconies and their carved ceilings. According to locals, the Romans took prinos over Thassos and rebuilt the old town and ancient theatre. While the island was under Spartan occupation 404393. C Even today, thassos was the island of the Sirens. C Thassos is part of the northeastern Aegean islands and it is located just off the coast of mainland Greece. To reach the lake you must drive to Maries and then follow the street on the right side. This hillside village is situated a few kilometers south of Limenas.

Statues, the castle was built by the Gattilusie. In winter, the beach is organized and busstation during summer. Restaurants and lively bars can be skala found in the area. Can get really crowded, thassos, follow the dirt road, once you are outside the village. It is dedicated to sculptor Polygnotos Vagis who emigrated to America and became an established artist. The path starts in the nearby village of Kinira and passes through a small woodland. Terracotta figurines and many more, in the famous voyage of Odysseus. The Sirens who tried to enchant him were supposed to live on the island of Thassos.

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