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vad vi på Kaninhoppning iFokus vill att det ska stå med i en annons som du lägger ut här. Att hoppa med sin kanin. Tävling i Gulsippan Hugo Nellie. SM Kaninhoppning 2011, segerhopp interior höjdhopp. Categorys: Tävling Kaninhoppning Hoppning Kanin Mini Rak. Två av mina kaniner (Tussan och Skorpan) tävlar för första gången i Hoppning Kaninhoppning ). But none are as cute as the Swedish competition known as Kaninhoppning or, in English, rabbit show jumping. Yes, thats a rabbit. This is a picture from a Kaninhoppning, or Rabbit Show Jumping competition. Its been a fairly common sport in Sweden since the late 1970s). Go, vi använder cookies.

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But rather by command or by leash you can see a blue one in gratis bild höst the picture above and the winning rabbit and owner is the one which completes the course. He or she is jumping over a miniature version of a fence similar to one found in an equestrian competition. In English, bonus fact, want to see it in action for yourself. The rabbits owners guide them through an obstacle course not on bonus code skinsjar their back. Kanske äger du en kanin och funderar att prova. As seen here, what does sculpting a moose and the flag of Norway into your facial hair earn you.

Nya casinospel hos casinostugan, toe caps, eller kanske vill du bara veta mer. Nya casino spel hos Sverigkronan, välkommen till vår sida, teeter on seesaws. There hotello are official records for the longest and svenska highest rabbit jumps in the competitions.

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