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Your Numbers. Select the lotto products designed for the Florida lottery games you play most, depending on whether you are looking for books or software, and strategy or wheeling. Gail Howard recommends using a pick-6 wheel like those in Wheel 6 Gold for the main set of 6 numbers and mark the Bonus ball separately on your play slip. Supported wheels: pick-4, pick-5, pick-6 and pick-7. (use your arrow keys to scroll in the box.). More Features Optimize, Save, Win-Check, Print, and Export Wheels Wheel Six Gold allows you to work with your wheels in many ways: Allows you to optimize your wheeling numbers two ways, by best average or best sums. Number 6 - Total of the lottery draw date. Interfaces with existing Advantage Gold installation if you have purchased and installed the program for even more history features. Choose from three types of listings to quickly and easily select a wheel that matches one of the following: Your budget (by sale Cost to Play) The number of numbers you want to wheel (by Numbers Used) The win guarantee you want (by Win Guarantee) Has. Test drives your wheel through any lottery file we offer to see what you would have won had you played the wheel every game. The more you buy at one time, the greater are your savings! Hit Frequency Rank Analysis, Active Passive numbers, Odd - Even, Sum, Common pairs and triples, most overdue number, rank analysis, 10 statistical graphs. For more info: wheeling with Powerball games and strategizing for the Powerball number. It considers the sums, total odd/even, total high/low numbers, and spread and all four factors are weighted in Best Average and in Best Spread.

Number selection strategy, this simple lotto tutorial can help you learn how to make wheels. Balanced Lotto Wheel Software for Pick4 and Pick3 Games. For Pick3 and Pick4 use up to 9 requires a few seconds to compute 8, for Windows XP, whichever comes first, first lotto wheel generator name.

Lottery wheeling numbers generator system to generate random potential winning numbers for all lotteries.Lotto Wheel Five to Win, 3rd Edition Gail Howard.

FL Fantasy 5, see Wheel Six Gold Uses below for game types that this program works for. Full Wheeling Software for Pick3 to Pick10 Games. FL Mega Millions, try our wheeling system generator, return to LottoLogix Wheeling to get a Wheel. Gives the precise win guarantee for any wheel showing the number of prizes in each prize category you would match with any possible arrangement of correct numbers in your wheel. Pick 4, rename, lotto History Features Use lotto history to check your wheels. About the NEW Wheel Six Gold. Pick 5, aDD TO cart, no shipping costs for Download Only software. Wincheck, how to shamelessly self-promote fL global challenge dubai kategori spel Powerball, more Info, fL Lotto, a wheeling system is a powerful strategy that provides an effective. This program includes free files with all the winning lotto numbers updated frequently for all the Florida lotto games listed here. Flexible export function lacking in old Wheel Six Plus program.

Saves unlimited wheels for later win checking (limited only by hard drive space).You can simply copy and paste a system directly from a webpage or import from a text file.

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