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non-trivial vendor gifts. Highly-Aligned Loosely-Coupled eames documentary netflix teamwork effectiveness is dependent on high performance people and good context Goal is to be Big and Fast and Flexible. Powerful: Building a Culture of Freedom and Responsibility. She worked at Netflix for 14 years as the companys Chief Talent Officer. Seven Aspects of our Culture Values are what we Value High Performance Freedom Responsibility Context, not Control Highly Aligned, Loosely Coupled Pay Top of Market Promotions Development 118 119. Hard Work Not Directly Relevant Its about effectiveness not effort even though effectiveness is harder to assess than effort We dont measure people by how many evenings or weekends they are in their cube We do try to measure people by how much, how quickly. In some time periods, in some groups, there will be lots of opportunity and growth at Netflix Some people, through both luck and talent, will have extraordinary career growth 109 110. 15 Courage You say what you think even if it is controversial You make tough decisions without excessive agonizing You take smart risks You question actions inconsistent with our values. Process Emerges to Stop the Chaos Procedures No one loves process, but feels good compared to the pain of chaos. Most Companies Curtail Freedom As They Grow to Avoid Errors (sounds pretty good to avoid errors). Expense only what you would otherwise not spend, and is worthwhile for work. Its difficult for many to relentlessly focus on the future when they are struggling with today, but you argue its imperative. Sometimes its not even a future focus, but an acknowledgement of what is really happening in the present. Show More, no Downloads, no notes for slide. Three Tests for Top of Market for a Person. Sheryl Sandberg of Facebook called the Netflix freedom and responsibility deck the most important document ever to come out of the Valley. Desire for Bigger Positive Impact Creates Growth Growth. Takes Great Judgment Goal is to keep each employee at top of market for that person Pay them more than anyone else likely would Pay them as much as a replacement would cost Pay them as much as we would pay to keep them.

Instead of a Culture of Process Adherence. Real company values are the behaviors and skills that we particularly value in ica vast flogsta fellow employees. Stay creative by staying small, and work to grow past them. In this updated document, talk about qigong stockholm gratis radical honesty and why it resonates. And we insist upon that, from the corporate culture document, the document continues.

Netflix is better entertainment at lower cost and greater scale than the world has ever seen.We want to entertain everyone.Culture This is an archive of prior version New version is at: jobs.

Strong NearTerm Outcome A highlysuccessful processdriven company With leading share in ica its market Minimal thinking required Few mistakes made very efficient Few curious innovatormavericks remain Very optimized processes for its existing market. Seven Aspects of our Culture Values are what we Value High Performance Freedom Responsibility Context. The Rare Responsible Person Self motivating chat Self aware Self disciplined Self improving Acts like a leader Doesnt wait to be told what to do Never feels thats not my job Picks up the trash lying on the floor Behaves like an owner. How you travel, what gifts you can accept, the principles have been debated and adopted by organizations throughout the world.

Individuals should manage their own career paths, and not rely on a corporation for planning their careers Like retirement planning safer as individual responsibility 116 117.Highly Aligned, Loosely Coupled Highly Aligned Strategy and goals are clear, specific, broadly understood Team interactions are on strategy and goals rather than tactics Requires large investment in management time to be transparent and articulate and perceptive and open Loosely Coupled Minimal cross-functional meetings except.

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