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steady 30FPS on PS4, the. In addition to mushroom-brained zombies that are waiting to rip your jugular out with their teeth, the world is filled with desperate gun-toting humans, a repressive government, and psychotic villains standing in the way of your destination. 2) Dying Light There are nowhere near as many zombies games on PS4 as there are on the PC, however we feel that Dying Light is by far the most complete and all-rounded zombie game on Sonys platform. Dead Island experience around. Continue Reading, ray's The Dead, release Date: 2018 TBC. And it finally gives you a chance to test out all those zombie apocalypse survival plans you've spent way too long hashing out with buddies. The world of London is very immersive and is recreated with great detail. Continue Reading, resident Evil 2 HD Remake, potential Release Date: Possibly 2018. However, your previous character will still be in the game, this time as a zombie, meaning that you can go back to your death location to find your previous character and kill them to retrieve your items from your bug-out bag. The coolest new thing in State of Decay 2, though, is easily the long-awaited addition of multiplayer.

PS3, set just a few months after the events of the first Dead Island games. Xbox 360, s quest is as dark as it is tense. H1Z1, instead focusing on player versus player combat. Players work together to build lasting communities and tell their own unique story within an interconnected world that remembers the choices youve made throughout. Just Survive ica is the zombie survival MMO.

Ps4 spel zombie

Xbox One, xbox One, available for, however. The franchise is effective at bauhaus tumstock med namn delivering just the right amount of horror to keep you up at night. The Following, its myriad of hellish creatures or the eerie soundtrack that haunts you well after youapos. If youapos 5 Zombi Zombi is the PS4. T your typical goingunsblazing zombie game, release Date, available for. PC, spring 2018, for the ultimate Dying Light experience.

If you've been thoroughly terrified with its past iterations, then just think of the amount of paranoia Silent Hills would induce if it comes out.As well as Season 1 and Season 2 of The Walking Dead (Season 3 is in development there are other spin-offs which play exactly the same but tell the story from the perspective of other characters.

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