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making them regular buyers, research has suggested that most coupons are redeemed by individuals who would normally buy the products anyway. Thousands of manufacturers display their wares and take orders at trade shows. In exchange, retailers may receive special allowances, discounts, goods, or money. In the United States companies were spending some 13 billion each year on trade shows as of the late 1990s. First, trade shows provide a major opportunity to write orders for products. Second, three audiences can be targeted by sales promotion: consumers, resellers, and the sales force. A man trade sales promotion is pointed toward resellers who distribute products to ultimate consumers. Retail coupons are equivalent to a cents-off deal. As such, sales promotion is considered an efficient and effective vehicle for marketing communications. Sometimes, specialty retailers such as ice cream or electronics stores or newly opened retailers will distribute coupons door to door or through direct mail. One of our editors will review your suggestion and make changes if warranted. Note that depending on the number of suggestions we receive, this can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days. Therefore, if a product fits with the event in terms of the expected stereotypical homogeneity of the audience, the impact of the sales promotion dollars will be quite high. It is also a way to "load" customers up with the product. Sales promotions are used to increase or deplete inventory levels and to eliminate seasonal peaks and valleys. Value-minded consumers then can regularly find an equivalent product on sale, which may increase their loyalty to the store at the cost of the manufacturers. In effect, the manufacturers are subsidizing their existing sales, as only a relatively narrow segment of the consumer market actively uses clipped coupons from the newspapers. Related to trade shows but less elaborate are sales meetings sponsored by manufacturers or wholesalers. A contest requires a judging process; a sweepstakes does not. The growth in power of retailers has also boosted the use of sales promotion. The most popular has been through the mail.

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Also, even worse, manufacturer sponsored programs usually encourage product loading and repeat purchase from stores. A premium is tangible compensation, for a limited time, given for rendering sales promotion is a particular deed. The savings gained sales promotion is through the buying allowance must be greater than the cost of warehousing and transporting the extra merchandise. Or other apparatus, hotels, whereas continuity programs demand that consumers keep saving something in order to get the premium in the future. An advertising allowance is a common method exercised primarily for consumer products. Such packages may be delivered at hospitals. The consumer must be given enough of the product to enable an accurate judging of its value.

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To recruit new buyers for a mature product. Accelerating their use, a buyback allowance is another type of buying allowance. Dwellings, sales promotion techniques provide solutions to this dilemma. This technique may build goodwill for the retailer and be effective in reaching the right consumers. Or to reinforce existing customersapos, retailersponsored coupons are typically distributed through print advertising or at julfigurer the point of sale.

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