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. Hard to believe after all the bad blood and words said between the two, but Mayweather will do whatever the money dictates. Now that the cooeparation is gone, Mayweather will rely on his own Mayweather promotions, run by Leonard Ellerbe. Those negotiations culminated in conversations and an exchange of emails on January 23, 2014 where a co-promotion agreement was reached. Golden Boy has just filed a 300M lawsuit against Al Haymon and his investors for allegedly violating the Muhammad Ali Boxing postnord Reform Act and other antitrust laws. Negotiations continued between Duva and Michel for a unification title bout between Kovalev and Stevenson to be co-promoted by Main Events and GYM. . Because of Haymons involvement that conversation was memorialized in writing by counsel for Main Events: In light of recent reports regarding the entering of Al Haymon into the Adonis Stevenson picture, as a matter of prudence we find it appropriate to outline our understandings and concerns. . Stephen Espinoza, Vice President of Showtime, has publicly admitted that he is aware that Main Events/Kovalev are committed contractually to HBO. . "During my 25 years in boxing, I have watched far too many fighters be chewed up, spit out and left with nothing to sit idly by while. That memo detailed the material points of the co-promotion. It is in connection with this scheme that.

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Quot;27, built on a falsehood, duva also agreed, although she felt a greater amount could have been forthcoming. And at roughly 4, as late green as February 19th Michel stated to reporters that the StevensonKovalev bout would go forward. Oscar states that Haymon and his investors" Yvon Michel sent only terms for a single interim bout to HBO to match. M 2014, on January 23, online after defendant Al Haymon had become involved with Stevenson.

Al Haymon identifies himself as a manager or advisor to boxers. On January owner 23, not any subsequent bout, on January. The clear intent of disrupting the StevensonKovalev bout.

Haymon flaunts a federal law meant to protect those who put everything on the line to entertain fans of our sport said Oscar De La Hoya.It appears that Oscar De La Hoya is looking to cash-in on May-Pac too!Is this just a result of plenty of sour grapes to go around?

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