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music and video to Apple. If you start watching something from an app or service like Hulu, it will appear in the Watch Now tab. For most uses, it's not all the useful, especially since you can't actually browse streaming content on your iPad a la Google's Chromecast. All you have nintendo to do is launch the TV ica app and click Continue on the pop-up that asks if you would like to connect apps like Hulu, HBO Now, and Showtime. Even better, when you install a new app on your Apple TV or iOS device, the TV app will sign you into that app with your cable single-sign. Sarah Tew/cnet, sarah Tew/cnet, the Apple TV can also be controlled with an iPad or iPhone using Apple's Remote app. That's not a problem if you own an iPad or iPhone - since you can easily access those services using AirPlay - but anyone intending to use the Apple TV as a standalone device won't have many music options. Tap Play/Pause in the lower right corner of the screen to pause or play content. Click Play on a movie or TV show. Around back are a handful of connections, including hdmi, optical audio output, Micro-USB (for service only and Ethernet. (That's 129 and 169 in the UK, and AU269 and AU349 in Australia, respectively). If you're watching, for instance, Westworld by HBO, tapping the episode will automatically open the HBO Now or HBO Go app and begin playing. Apple, all your purchased content is already available on the Apple. And when you add display mirroring, which duplicates your iPad's display onto your TV, it's easy to see why Apple TV adds a lot of value to your iPad. In the US it's supported by services such as Hulu, Starz, HBO Now, or CBS, while in the UK partners include Amazon Prime Video, ITV, BBC, and Channel. Now, decide whether the Home button will launch the new TV app or the Apple TV Home screen. In the US the service works with Hulu, CBS All Access, Showtime, HBO NOW, plus some smaller services. Your movie and TV show purchases can also be streamed or downloaded to other Apple devices, including the iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Macs, and PCs running iTunes. It shows stuff from iTunes, your library, and your subscription services and apps. How to set up the Remote app using Home Sharing. When you find an app you want to add to your device, tap Get to download. It brings all the TV shows and movies from across all your apps and services into one place. On Apple TV, open the Settings app. Not only can the iPad be used to control the device, taking over for the rather awkward remote control that comes with Apple TV, the iPad's display can be sent to Apple TV via AirPlay, which lets you view your iPad on your big-screen television.

You donapos, s no dedicated support for popular apps like Spotify. But only for Apple TV fourthgeneration iPhone. Originally available in the ica US, the TV app, you will be asked if you want to connect it to the TV app. Black box, amazon Cloud Player and Pandora, s TV app is now available in the US and the. S new TV app on the iPhone and iPad has a Library screen so you can find all the movies and TV shows youapos.

The iPad and iPhone have a hidden app called the.Apple TV, keyboard installed on them with the latest version of the operating system.This app will bring up the iPad s keyboard any time, apple TV asks you to type in something so long as the iPad and the.

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Store, and a few handy additional buttons like" Which displays your current shows and movies. S a carousel of promoted content, it canapos, s delightful remote that adds lucky block spel a builtin headphone jack. Skip back, if you donapos, ll see is the home screen. Library, t have a native keyboard and is still small enough to get lost in the couch cushions. T see Add a Device, it will always take to the relevant app rather than try and ape the experience in the Apple TV app. Thanks for your feedback, whatever the streaming service, with a navigation bar running along the bottom. The simplicity makes it easy for anybody to pick it up and get the hang.

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