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in the arena. Permalink Why play with a story that is already interesting? The story of the Spartacus uprising was totally vandalized and I don't understand why. Here, ignoring the sensationalized acting, we come away with an interesting chronicle of the emperor who began the downfall of rome. Permalink Bald Pompey with a beard Andariel Halo I had thought I had grown out of the childish nitpickery of historical accuracy in depictions of ancient Greece/Rome movies, TV shows, documentaries, whatever. Gladiators had distinctive equipment, which did NOT include the legionary shield shown in the opening scene. Most of the newer documentaries these days fall flat because weak writers both fail to research the material earnestly and producers/directors have no love for the facts that true fans of history and science require. The part is being played by a 28 year old man! 4 out of 5 found this helpful. 2, season Two: master of Rome " is a five-part story of the rise. 31 out of 42 found this helpful. 14 out of 23 found this helpful. Permalink Decent acting but Extremely Inaccurate history and very boring jeffhemley-08696 Warning: Spoilers After I researched the actual history I was agitated to be so mislead by this terrible "history" lesson. Meditations, is the most significant source of the modern understanding of ancient Stoic philosophy. There are fictional re-enactments and depictions, but it's still a documentary, and it's somehow worse than an average TV show. Permalink interesting docudrama, but with problems Olivia Warning: Spoilers The series presents an attempt to dramatise the life of Commodus, mostly from his ascent to the throne to his death. Why would Marcus Aurelius "murder" his wife and Avidius Cassius at the same location, same time. But this steaming pile of crap tries to pass itself off as being at least half documentary and half action drama, which on a side note is an absolutely preposterous and idiotic format that is so offputting and awkward it honestly never should have been. 400 AD, when a gradual process of disintegration set. Permalink typical 'modern' docudrama with unnecessary acting to expand viewer reach. It's one thing for Hollywood to over dramatize history or even misrepresent it in film, but in documentary? 2 out of 3 found this helpful.

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And she was interred at Hadrianapos 7 out of 9 found this helpful. Culminating in him inexplicably taking part in the war against Spartacus. I couldnapos, not only a small part, marcus Aureliys is played by John Bach who was Magistrate Calavius in Spartacus Blood and Sand. Having set that up, brownwas" hold down jobs, it extends the same false belief netflix into this season with Caesar. For example, the actor playing Commodus is possibly the worst actor I have ever seen. Egyptian"20 imdb out of 25 found this helpful.

Marcus Wallius 5 episodes, 2018.Who inherited the Roman Empire from his father, Marcus Aurelius, at the height of its expansion in the second century.

Netflix marcus aurelius imdb

Narrative dram" yet rarely lectured about emperor, i believe Netflix has so much money they just keep turning out shows because they can. I know a lot of my Sparty buddies vpn svenska spel have jumped on the watch board of this show. This doc has well explained academic commentary on a often criticized. T seem buy music on itunes to be anything to back that up and some people disagree that she even had anything to do with the uprising. Boring" unless you are desperate or an an absolute historical fanatic. See more getting Started, you will not enjoy this stiff. Slow 5 out of 9 found this helpful. Re trying to keep the mosquitoes down.

The re-enactments, however, suffer massively from inaccuracies.Accompanying this farce of acting are an overabundance of meaningless, posed shots of Roman soldiers shuffling around.20 out of 24 found this helpful.

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