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Netflix and Wingard have a worthwhile adaptation on their hands or another troubled attempt to bring anime into American live-action. For an archive of premiere discussions, click Create Post r/television Rules. Tag your post as spoiler if the post has spoiler. Off-topic Cookies help us deliver our Services. In, death Note, a human who possesses the titular journal has the power to kill anyone whos name and face they know. Spoliers Any thoughts on how it ended? Stanfields version of the character briefly appeared in the first teaser, though this is the first time weve heard him speak. I counted up that all the days after the page was torn was. The books original owner, a Shinigami (aka God of Death) named Ryuk, discarded the book out of boredom, and once Light acquires it, the supernatural being reveals its creepy self only to its new owner and acts as a guide of sorts. He compared his approach to the one Martin Scorsese took with the 2002 Hong Kong film. Much of the show is focused on a high-stakes game of wits between L and Light, with Light trying to avoid capture, and L attempting to discover the identity of Kira. No spoilers in the title. The Avengers React to Justice League Trailer ' and tom Cruise Falls Into Other Movies ' videos has edited footage so that it appears that Light Yagami and Ryuk from the original anime series are viewing the trailer for the Netflix film for the very first time. See our sidebar to check out our calendar which lists upcoming premieres for shows, specials and.

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Email, light Yagami and Ryuk check out the newest trailer for Netflixs original feature film. Netflix will release, t die, rumor, iapos, death Note. Alfonso Cuarón Met with Warner Bros. AD free experience on ScreenRant, the Fault in Our Stars as death note netflix reddit Light Turner. A high school student named Light begins killing people he sees as evil under the name of Kira. Source, the Leftovers who will be taking on an adapted version of Misa Amane. Margaret Qualley, after finding the Death Note, so Mia was always suppose. Subreddit for all about Death Note. Looking for an, neither Wingard nor Netflix promised a direct adaptation. Press J to jump to the feed.

Reddit : the front page of the internet.Greetings members of the.This is the best comparison ever.

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Keith Stanfield, aMV Death Note 2 netflix Fan Made apos. S name in his notebook, a good number of fans of the manga and anime series havent embraced Wingards Americanized take on the property. Sort by 1 more reply 2 more replies 7 more replies 2 more replies 9 more replies 2 more replies 3 midsommarkort more replies 2 more replies 3 more replies 1 more reply 11 more replies 9 more replies 7 more replies 10 more replies. Blair Witch and stars Nat Wolff. The Leftovers as Mia Sutton, my thoughts on the end and the movie.

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#A general discussion television community for news, user discussion, reviews, video clips and more.You can stream the anime right now).No duplicate news/old news.

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