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Man was getting off its feet, the Spiral Tribe Soundsystem were in the UK revolutionzing the rave, kickstarting the massive free tekno scene that still exists today. Screenshot via ScreenJunkies News/YouTube What it's about: This is filmmaker Michael Moore's answer to the 2008 financial crash. That's nice and everything but the real fun of watching this is seeing the clothes and hairstyles and attitudes and dances of the early 90s. Although institutional racism easily fades from the national discourse, "13th" is important simply because it reminds us of the struggle African Americans still face every day. Watch IT here, electronic music pioneers: richie hawtin, don't even try to tell me you're a Richie Hawtin fan unless you've watched all 70 minutes of this. "Weiner" documents the consequences of this second episode, and is sometimes funny, sometimes humanizing, but mostly just really, really sad. Watch IT here 23 minute warning: spiral tribe. It's got everything you would want, from a tour of the Roland synthesizer factory to Japanese psy-trance heads with the most amazing clothes, from consciousness-raising Israeli trance "situations to rabbis, to lots of naked fools in Goa, all set to the squirrelly-ass. Because it fucking rules. From infamous pharmaceutical CEO. Mitt Romney for six years, through both of his failed runs for president in 20It is a deeply personal film, depicting Romney's personal ruminations during his campaigns, his family life during the hectic election cycles, and his wife's struggles with multiple sclerosis at the height. Why you should see it: The characters, animal and human, coupled with the beautiful cinematography and gripping subject matter make this film a moving and memorable experience to behold. The original documentary isnt currently on Netflix, but its sequel, detailing the life and times of The Godmother Griselda Blanco, sure. Watch IT here, e IS FOR ecstasy, once upon a time Molly was called Ecstasy (or E for short) and it was actually made of pure mdma, as you can tell from this film whichdespite feeling like a PSA/Just Say No ad from the way. Documentary filmmakers travel to the ends of the Earth and into the innermost recesses of the things that make us human, and they emerge with no less than tales of human truth. It is incredibly interesting and even more phenomenal given the shoestring budget and the fact that nearly all involved took on multiple jobs and many flat-out volunteered. Finding Vivian Maier The most fascinating people are always the ones who dont spend their lives telling people about themselves. This doc celebrates 20 years of jungle raving at UK party Jungle Nation, and it's shot by DJ/producer/label owner/scene stalwart Teebone. Local scene legends give up the story and you just might learn a thing or too about political history in the process. These Germans found it perfectly normal to stay up 72 hours on weekends getting completely off their tree at clubs like Berghain (sometimes referred to in this film as Ostgut, after the label with which its associated Watergate, Club Der Visonaere, Bar 25, and the. Exit Through the Gift Shop is less a true story than an unintentional presentation of street arts cornball European sense of self-importance, courtesy of Thierry Guetta,.k.a.,. Night of the Living Dead, the grandaddy of all modern zombie movies.

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