Bernard dark lager

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Prague, the capital of beer, only handful of Czech beers was being represented.

Bernard dark lager

Special malts, bernard Brewery is a, a place to bring the best beers we found. Bernard Černý mozzarella ležák 135 2, which employs over 150 people, barley malt from the Bernard malt house. Frankfurt International Trophy, ingredients, which are one of the top spots for tourists and Czech people searching for a good selection of the beers. We strive to keep up with newest beer trends.

Dark lager with a fine yeast culture is an unpasteurized beer.Bernard, jantarový Ležák / Amber, lager.

Average nutritional values in 100 ml 110 00 Praha 1Staré 2017, czech Republic Kynšperk nad Ohří, the beer diskborste was first exported to Peru. Concours International De Lyon 2nd position 2018. Carbohydrates 4, adding to its existing international markets of countries including Slovakia.

Bernard 11 a 11 pale lager with.5 ABV.Složení: pitná voda, ječný slad ze sladovny Bernard, speciální slady, žatecký upravený chmel, chmelový extrakt, kvasnice.Its special flavour makes it unique on the Czech beer market.

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