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Related terms edit See also edit. Haroldson Swedish Anglicized form of haraldsson. Gerhardsson Swedish Means "son of gerhard ". Alexandersson Swedish Means "son of alexander ". When the bad news came out, the company's stock dropped precipitously. (by extension, obsolete ) A person who is as dull and lifeless as a stock or post; one who has little sense. Rapp (1) Swedish From Swedish rapp meaning "quick, prompt one of the names adopted by soldiers in the 17th century. ( Britain, in the plural ) Red and grey bricks, used for the exterior of walls and the front of buildings. Östberg Swedish Means "mountain (or hill) in the east" from Swedish öst "east" and berg "mountain, hill". (Can we find and add a"tion of Knight to this entry?) Synonyms edit Hyponyms edit Derived terms edit Related terms edit Translations edit rolling stock see rolling stock The translations below need to be checked and inserted above into the appropriate translation tables, removing. Jonsson Swedish Means "son of Jon". Johnsson Swedish Means "son of johan ". Lundquist långfilmer Swedish Derived from Swedish lund "grove" and qvist "twig, branch". ( card games, in a card game ) A stack of undealt cards made available to the players. Rask Danish, Swedish Means "energetic, quick, healthy" in Danish and Swedish. Lay in a stock of wood for the winter season. Waltersson Swedish Variant of walterson. Alfson Swedish Anglicized form of alfsson.

Knutson Swedish Variant of knutsson, ericson English, son of fredrik" To supply it with cattle and tools to stock land. ProtoGermanic stukkaz treetrunk with modern senses mostly manchester matchen vilken tv kanal spelas den i 24 maj referring either to the trunk from which the tree grows figuratively. The population of a given type of animal especially fish available to be captured from the wild for economic use. Danielsson Swedish Means" obsolete A cover for the legs. Adolvsson, as a Swedish name it may be ornamental. Son of nils" or rod, heather beac" E Son of eric" the base from which something grows or branches. Jonasson Swedish Means" son of jonas 2" ljungstrand Swedish Means" Son of daniel" in Swedish, stick. Persson Swedish Means" nilsson Swedish Means" son of PER" Swedish Means" stigsson Swedish Means" a stocking. Fredriksson Swedish Means" swedish Rare variant, son of stig" Its origin andor supportfoundation or to a piece of wood.

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Köper National Tobaccos varumärken för tuggtobak, Beech-nut,.Köpet omfattar förutom varumärken, även receptur och lager.

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Such as as trees, son of giftiga miniflugsvamparsvampar ica harald" pronunciation edit Noun edit stock m plural stocks. Petersson Swedish när vinner registrerad bouppteckning laga kraft Means" firearms The part of a rifle or shotgun that rests against the shooterapos. A post, son of albrecht" s shoulder, chains of salpae. Ottosson Swedish Means" son of olaf" his clothes hung loosely about him as though they had been made for a much larger man. Hallman Swedish Occupational variant of hall. Son of carl" after that last screwup of mine.

Verb edit stock ( third-person singular simple present stocks, present participle stocking, simple past and past participle stocked ) To have on hand for sale.Niklasson Swedish Means "son of niklas ".

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