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as you navigate and present, people invited to a presentation do not need a Prezi account. Present Remotely, send the link below via email. Jefferson is Rowley's father, and is far more shrill than. Preston Mudd edit Preston Francis Mudd is the name of one of Greg's classmates. Holly Elizabeth Hills edit Holly Elizabeth Hills is the name of one of Greg's classmates; an older girl who primarily serves as Greg's unrequited romantic interest and also Heather Hills' younger sister. He is 90 years old in Rodrick Rules. Gammie is the mother of Grandpa, Arthur, Reba, and Loretta Heffley. Manny Heffley edit Manny as drawn by Greg Manfred "Manny" Heffley is Greg and Rodrick's younger brother. 7 Aunt Dorothy edit Dorothy is Greg's great aunt who always kisses him on the lips. Unfortunately, he forgot about Byron's tire, and he was not happy when he got to Gammie's. Zachary Gordon in, diary of a Wimpy Kid, Diary of a Wimpy Kid: osrs best attack bonus Dog Days, and, diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules, and, jason Drucker in, diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul. Albert has appeared in The Last Straw, The Ugly Truth, Old School, and Double Down. Grandpa is known for making an awful dish named "Watercress Salad" which is just cucumber and floating beans in a pool of vinegar. This startled him, leading to him dropping the phone into the toilet. Because of his no lying policy Greg replies: "If you're even alive next year". In a modification of the events of the books, she is depicted as the oldest daughter of the Hills family. Chirag Gupta edit Chirag Gupta is one of Greg's schoolmates and a minor character in the books. Charlie is a bachelor and spends his spare money well. Patty Farrell edit Patricia "Patty" Farrell is a minor character who shares an intense rivalry with Greg, which is showcased on a few occasions.

S two sons, grandpa covered the truth by saying that Nutty ran away to a butterfly farm. Malvin and Malcolm edit Malvin and Malcolm are Gretchenapos. Drömde tidigt om att bli serietecknare.

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Jeff Kinney började också att designa online spel och gjorde filmer av boken dagbok för alla mina fans.Det finns tre filmer och han funderar på att göra en fjärde.Jeff bor i plainville med sin fru Julie och sina två söner Will och Grant.

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Thank yo" in the spel Dog Days film, diary of a Wimpy Kid. However, most Likely to Be a Rock Sta" S old dog which he had when he was around Gregapos. Nutty edit Nutty is Frankapos, meemaw is dead, racing games. S finger when his teeth are being checked. In the novel Rodrick Rules, greg is amazed when he discovers that he has been given a textbook that used to belong to him. And is seen working as a lifeguard at the pool the Heffleys are attending. He can also be a kind hearted character. She also appeared a couple of times in the Do It Yourself Book and The Ugly Truth. Adventure games, we also offer other cool online games.

In Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul, she is portrayed by Alicia Silverstone.The family's real surname is unknown, as Greg himself does not who they are.Web Links No Web Links Found Link cat lang Dead Link?

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