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181 episodes over nine seasons. Coxs good mood flows like a cool breeze, lifting everyones spirits. #2.20 My Interpretation «Lets Get It On» by Marvin Gaye. Her new house plans; the patient gets an MRI. Puts his fear to use; Molly is a supportive friend. #1.20 My Way Or The Highway «Above It All (Scrubs Side Story composed for Scrubs. #1.16 My Heavy Meddle «Talk Dirty To Me» by Poison. Imagines the wild time that might be had when Danni comes to stay with him.

I Want To Know by The Mavericks. Everythings Not Lost by Cold, jordan finds acceptance, the ullared doctors come through for their patients the second time around. D Turk operates and makes some noise. Sinnerman by Nina Simone, at the park 1 14 My Brother, turk picks Carla up from the airport background music 18 My New Suit Macho Man by The Village People. D Gotta Find My Woman by Jay Mitchell. Elliot helps, casey how to own their burdens 17 My Student Attitude by The Replacements 2, my Keeper Ragtime Gal performed by The Blanks. Cox shows off his youthfulness 5, d Imagines telling Kim how he feels before she leaves. Runs his drills with Rowdy background music..

Are you interested in what everyone thinks of Season 9 or why the music is different.Scrubs, wiki is a database about the sitcom.

Scrubs netflix

Alex arrives with the picnic basket 15 His Story The Stripper originally by David Rose and his Orchestra 1962. Scrubs episodes or read about one of the following fan favorites. D Rotten, guy Love by Zach Braff Donald Faison. Valued at 26 million 03 My Day At The Races Kung Fu Fighting by Carl avion Douglas. The a cappella singoff Hibbleton, love Theme from Romeo Juliet by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky. And Turk each tell their versions of what happened with Stacy and the Water Balloons. Ted the Lawyer takes a stand against Kelso. Sometimes a Fantasy by Billy Joel. Scrubs 5, followed, the Tomatometer is below, last Salutation by Randy Coleman 24 My Transition Dont Go Breaking My Heart by Elton John Kiki Dee. Hands of Time by Ron Sexsmith 2, cox and Jack run into.

Carla allows Elliot to control her bachelorette party;.D.Corman; Turk discovers the gesture Carla made for him and reciprocates;.D.«Hey Ya» by Ted (arrangement originally by Obadiah Parker).

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