Why jailbreak apple tv 2g

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that xbmc is the portal which gives you access to a lot of the above content, however it also includes really beautiful custom themes and lots of other plugins from a wide range of developers. Plugins for things like hulu Plus, Amazon Prime, Vimeo, etc.

And misslyckades way more advanced than the stock Apple remote, we probably wouldnt recommend that you use it for long periods of browsing. As you automatically get access to a TON of options that you donapos. Its much better than Apples own virtual remote app. Xbmc compatibility, what Do You Need to Jailbreak. Just google for details and follow the steps. You can alter this little wonder and turn it into a video powerhouse. Download Links, xbmc has been ported to almost every platform you can name. With just a small surgical procedure. Therefore its simple to set up and install.

Why should I jailbreak my AppleTV 2G?I'm confused on what extra functionality it brings.I understand you can browse the full internet with something like a typical web browser, but that doesn't.

Why jailbreak apple tv 2g

6 Web Browsing, the jailbreaking of your Apple TV permits the installation of a WebKit browser so that youre able to see your favorite websites on your wallhung 55 television screen. And much better than why other htpcs at three times the cost. For the average home the Apple TV could well be the perfect media center. If you decided to rent an HD movie from Apple for tonights viewing. Youve jailbreak more than likely heard of jailbreaking an iPhone.

The Apple television is basically a small Unix computer with a very powerful graphics processor, and its capable of doing a lot of stuff.Jailbreaking your ATV2, will open up the hardware to utilize software that is available to enhance your usage.1) For Customization, youll be able to add slideshows and weather to the main menu of your Apple TV, you can adjust screen saver settings, hide menus, and so much more.

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