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with serial number 27710094. Toning is multicolor rainbow with gold, rose and blues on the obverse and aquamarine anf gold on the reverse. 1882 NGC MS 64 215 Choice Original, Dual Sided Toning, Alexandria Collection. Housed in old standard ring insert NGC holder with serial number S MS 63 Hold 55 Choice Original, Attractively Toned. As one would expect from an MS65 graded piece, the fields and main devices are blemish free. Housed in older blue label pcgs holder with serial number 12341762. Housed in early NGC holder with serial number. 1880-S NGC MS 65 Star 1,500 Nature's Masterpiece, Amazing Eye Appeal. Minor chatter in the reverse field is noted but does not distract. The toning simply floats over the bright active surfaces.Housed in early NGC fatty holder with serial number. Vivid Rose, Gold and Blues, Cartwheel Luster. While holding the coin in hand, skal the anomaly is not evident but will be seen under 10x loupe.

1881S NGC MS 65 200 New May. Being selective on toned Morgans is standard operating procedure at gfrc. Getting them to photograph properly is a significant challenge with many attempts itunes to remove lighting reflections.

Sea of SPA Alternative Plus.This is a no question original example with mildly PL surfaces under the beautiful old album toning.

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Obverse is fully toned with toning ica intermixed aquamarine. CAC approval recognizes eye appeal and originality. Surfaces are light gray with a darker gray arc on the reverse. Well graded at the MS64 level. Rose and gold coloring 1882CC pcgs MS 64 285 New May. New May 21, ample luster activates the toning under bright light 1882CC pcgs MS 64 450 New May 14 00, accurately Graded, excellent color uniformity and contrast. AU Tail Feathers, housed in newer NGC holder with serial number. Why settle for a blast white Carson City example in your set when this piece is available.

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