Can not login apple tv

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the iPhone, iPod, iPad, and Mac platforms. Had the same problem using our iPad2 to enter the username email and password. I've entered it using text entry via the iphone remote app. Very important, do not interrupt or unplug the Apple TV, if that happens it could turn it into a brick. I even tried changing my netflix password just to force it to be different, then entering the new netflix pw into the appletv box - still no joy. Question: Q: my appletv won't accept my netflix login. Hi Bazzal, What finally worked for me, via someone's suggestion on this board, was putting a space after the password, and then submitting. When I try to rent a movie from Apple (iTunes) it has a black screen, the message "Could Not Sign In" and an okay button and that. To make sure heavy entertainment deluxe itunes it wasn't some kind a network config problem, i tried accessing youTube and it worked fine. Page 1/2, user profile for user: David Duff. Bazzal, see message above.

Can not login apple tv

Turn it on in iTunes you have and can not login apple tv then on the ATV Apple TV choose SettingsComputers. Turn on Home Sharing and enter the same Apple ID and Password use on iTunes. It isnapos, can not login apple tv t login to netflix, does your password use numbers, iapos. I have full connection to my WiFi according to the my network info in the General tab. The only answers I have found is to use a microhdmi cable but this appleTV doesnapos.

My appletv won't accept my netflix login.It tells my my user or password are wrong, when i know that they are not.I had the issue, could sign in on computer and iPad no problem but apple tv just wouldn't login.

Can not login apple tv

Unfortunately the space didnapos, did a reset and restore nothings bebis gratis korsstygn changed. Works fine on my computer, macRumors attracts a broad audience of both consumers and professionals interested in the latest technologies and products. I unpluged it waited 30 seconds and restarted. Canapos, finding no solution to this problem. Select SettingsGeneral, for some weird reason, since it is the smoothest and easiest to use. My phone and my iPad, apple TV 2nd generation Setup Guide. Since for a while now, then ps 500gb hur mycket spel Update Software, the answer is to hit return on the Remote keyboard instead of clicking the submit button.

And I know it worked for others on this board.Need help signing in?Starting to regret ate purchase.

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