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desempregada luta pela sua sobrevivncia e de seus filhos, se sentindo desamparada e sem opes. Nice mix of comedy and drama. The director simply asks that the viewer be patient, without letting go of the problems in Daniel Blakes hands. January 23, 2018, powerful tale of people trying to survive in an depersonalised society. Music: George Fenton, main cast: Dave Johns, Hayley Squires, Briana Shann, Dylan Phillip Mckiernan. And Dave Johns is the perfect representative for that helplessness. Page 1 of 13, may 31, 2018, worst movie I have ever seen. April 7, 2018, with excellent unknown (at least to me) performances, I, Daniel Blakeis a remarkably unflashy and veristic portrait of those struggling just above the poverty line. I, Daniel Blake is a wonderfully humane drama, and its by way of this humbling, sympathetic reciprocity that director. I gave.5 only because it is not recognised as a documentary of what is wrong with the system and that is a very important point, otherwise the acting and the daily occurrences in intimate life and interaction with services is spot on 10/10. You might get sick. February 3, 2018, as anyone who has ever contended with governmental bureaucracy (which is to say everyone) can attest, it sucks. Filmografii tentokrát doplnil o další kvalitní drama, natočené podle scénáře Paula Lavertyho. So give your older neighbor or your bumbling uncle a second. We are introduced to Daniels impossible situation in an interview that plays out as the opening titles flash up on a black screen. Set in Manchester, England. Almost makes i daniel blake netflix you feel superior, if youre young enough. But the man has the fire in him to keep fighting. Hes willing to give his spot in line for the single mother with two kids. And nor should you on this film or this man. Dont write them off as inept. Přes ubíjející pocit bezmoci se ze všech sil snaží nepolevovat v boji proti státu a neskončit při tom na ulici. When health and wages and common courtesy are treated at arms length, a guy like Daniel Blake reminds us of our better selves. January 1, 2018, a brilliant, heartwarming and deeply moving motion picture about human beings. Certainly, there is a kinship here with many of their previous collaborations particularly. But for some reason, his case is re-evaluated and he is found "fit for work" by a telephone assessor, a judgment which he tries to appeal by necessity, given his doctors' verdict. While it might not break new ground, there is no denying the potency of the films empathetic anguish and fury.

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Daniel lets rip ex spel on her behalf with a torrent of choicely worded Geordie invective. Hes deemed well enough to be denied aid. Režisér Ken Loach je klasikem levicově zaměřených a sociálně angažovaných filmů. S allowance which comes with an array of strings attached 35 hours per week spent seeking work. Blake dutifully complies but not without some sarcastic retorts.

By se ještě dalo označit za úsměvné. T changed here daniel but at age. S To much applause from passers, but so hardfought and familiar that they feel almost too good to be true. Loachapos, když Katie prosí daniel lhostejné úředníky o trochu pochopení. Loachs film is a plea for common courtesy.

Truhlář Daniel Blake (Dave Johns) prodělal těžký infarkt a doktorka mu přikázala klid, i když by se vrátil rád do zaměstnání.Thats a death sentence for a paycheck-to-paycheck guy like Blake.And Daniel just wants to be treated with some human decency.

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