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one of the best. An unknown error occurred (-50)." Googling the error led to a large number of results but no clear solution: it appeared that error -50 is iTunes simply throwing up its hands in frustration and crying out for help. The answer is that you totally can, but you'll lose metadataplay counts, ratings, last-played dates, and everything else that iTunes keeps in its database won't survive a manual copy. Så jag undrar om det finns något bra tillvägagångssätt för att lösa detta? I hope you find this short guide useful, its certainly made my life a bit easier. A huge number of files in my library were suddenly showing up as missing, even though a spot check showed that the files were actually right where they were supposed. Introducing an additional program into the solution does make things a little more complex to initially setup and maintain but its worth noting that as long as you find a way to keep your local OneDrive folder in sync with your NAS drive location the. Click the "Change" button next to the box. Lee Hutchinson, when you click "OK" to close the Preferences pane, iTunes will ask you if you want to move and rename files in the new location to match the "Keep iTunes Media folder organized" preference say yes. Lyfter en gammal tråd då mitt problem är ganska likt. We're not going to talk through any of that stuffnot in this article, anyway. As you can see, I use a couple of PCs and a Server all of which use the Seagate Central NAS 2TB drive as the main file storage. Att bara ha säkerhetskopia på en hårddisk kopplad till datorn skyddar inte mot allt. The movement of the library is an automated thing, and it relies on iTunes being able to automatically place the files where they need to be placed. This has since been replaced by Seagates new Personal Cloud Home Media Storgage NAS which is currently 109 for the 3TB version on Amazon. Just plug your USB storage drive into any SharePort Mobile-enabled D-Link router, and access your files from any device connected to your router.

I could relocate them to an external drive. Sync automatically and use real time updating. SharePort Mobile lets you access and play media stored on any USB itunes drive directly on your iOS or Android device. S never been the best at any particular thing except perhaps activating and syncing your iPhone or iPad. The Synology NASapos, itapos, know your target filesystem, my poor library has been with me since.

If you have a large iTunes library, you may have reached the point where you need to offload some of your media files to another drive.There are several ways you can do this.Learn how to create or switch between iTunes libraries to fix launch issues or share your computer with other people in your household.

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