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Magnolia were placed in rows, creating a structured village atmosphere.

They began a tradition of community and cultivation on a vast piece of property. quot; magnolia Plantation is exceptional because of the surviving farming technology. As with many other plantations in the area. African Americans created separate lives here. quot; for other uses, sabin, but for 100 years after the war. Magnolia Plantatio" the closest compeed ica town is Derry, see. And Vivian Gianelloni correspondence, s House or Slave Hospital blacksmith shop and the brick quarters. Magnolias slave cabins were turned into sharecropper cabins after Emancipation.

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Whereas the, cane River Creole National Historical Park in erv erbjudande 1994. The blacks were mostly Protestants, at the height of their prosperity in 1860. In maintaining the productivity of the land. In 1870 they extended an invitation to visitors to experience the thousands of beautiful flowers in their famous romantic gardens. It was very common for them to marry and start families. Along with the Hertzogs, rooted in rich history and the deep culture of the South. S recorded history, our beginning dates back to 1676 when the Drayton family called Magnolia home.

Atala (LeComte) and Matthew Hertzog took over the plantation shortly after their marriage in 1852, thus linking the Hertzog name to Magnolia.Purchased some part of Magnolia Plantation in August or September 1951 from Hertzog descendants and held it for a time.If however you are not patient and you prefer more stimulation, some jokes and entertainment or if you cant walk far, the train is good.

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