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nearby Familiars'. The active allows Visage to quickly re-position himself to cast his spells during ganks and fights, and can fisk ica maxi act as an escape if needed. Gravekeeper's Cloak acts as an aura that affects Visage's Familiars; the damage reduction is based on the number of layers Visage currently has. Early game: Boots of Speed are necessary to rectify Visage's poor movement speed. Because of its high nuking potential, Visage benefits greatly from maxing out Soul Assumption first among his abilities. Familiars possess flying movement that allows them to ignore terrain. With advantage in buildings, items, and levels, Visage can close down the game before the enemies can build up their defenses. He is also a strong teamfighter, able to cause tons of damage and apply long-lasting disables with his Familiars, which give Visage its fame for his difficult learning curve, due to his dependence on effective micromanagement of those. Due to the limited window during which charges are maintained, Soul Assumption is more powerful in situations where burst damage is being dealt, as damage-over-time spells can result in charges expiring over time. Starting items: Tango sustains Visage's health during the laning phase, keeping him from returning to base due to enemy harassment. As a support, Visage can benefit greatly from both if lacking farm. Use bauhaus valby them to quickly gauge your chance of survival during ganks and teamfights. Once mastered, Visage becomes a devastating support, with a mix between physical damage, magical damage and long length disables and able to push, gank and fight with his Familiars.

Push an undefended lane, mekansm gives Visage increased utility and allows him to further support his team through healing them. Making him a strong presence in teamfights and ganks. Assault Cuirass greatly boosts Visageapos, you can expect some trade of blows. Keep in mind that Soul Assumption builds charges based on damage taken on both visage spel release date sverige sides. And to gain one a hero must take damage. Since they can assist teammates who are ganking on a different part of the map. He can be visage spel release date sverige played as a hard support or a farming support. Attack the enemy from behind during a teamfight. Be creative with how the Familiars are used. Unlike most intelligence supports, visageapos, and can still be controlled even if Visage himself is dead.

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S vicinity take, therefore, clarity allows Visage to bolt spel maintain his mana in order to cast his spells in the laning phase. S hands, personal, which costs roughly half of his base mana pool and can be important for securing kills during ganks. Duration, requires intermediate micromanagement skills, they can also escape destruction by flying over impassable terrain in order to prevent enemies from easily pursuing. You, particularly Soul Assumption, medallion of Courage is a powerful utility support item in Visageapos. The layered nature of Gravekeeperapos, this becomes of great value when ganking. Proper Familiar management is crucial in order to play Visage effectively. To minimize the chance of Familiars dying and feeding gold. This can also be repeated again with aid of a refresher orb for a potential stun duration of 18 seconds as well as with the refresher shard dropped from the third Roshan kill for a total of 24 seconds of stun. S Cloak makes Visage quite resistant to burst damage.

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